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Communal IRS Systems

Our communal integrated reception systems are a reliable, cost effective and unobtrusive way of letting all residents in a building have access to the TV programming they want.

IRS SystemFitted straight into your building, our communal integrated reception (IRS) systems puts the choice of TV providers in the hands of your residents, or if installed in the home, your family members!

Our IRS systems really make it so simple and easy to access television in your property. If you want to connect your TV equipment to the IRS system and access terrestrial TV, you can do just that. If you would rather watch satellite television, our IRS system will enable you to do that too.

Because our communal IRS systems are built into your property, they are virtually invisible, making them incredibly unobtrusive and stylish. This will ensure a more attractive and professional exterior appearance.

Listen to radio using our IRS system!
While allowing residents to watch whatever TV programming they want, our communal IRS systems also enable residents to listen to the media of their choice. They come fully equipped with FM and DAB Digital radio aerials so listening to what you want is quick and easy.

Enjoy access to HD channels and even 3D!
Our IRS systems will also enable you to gain access to the UK's largest number of HD channels and Europe's first ever 3D channel in the future.

Based in Welling, Kent, we provide commercial clients from across Kent, London and the Home Counties with the very best in communal IRS system installations. Many of our recent projects have taken place in residential buildings and estates in Orpington, Bexley, South East London, Lewisham, Maidstone, Greenwich, Southwark, Welling, Gravesend, Tunbridge Wells, Chatham, Gillingham, Rochester, Canterbury, Ashford, Dartford and Bromley.

Thanks to their ease of use, functionality and unobtrusive appearance, communal IRS systems are becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners, residential property owners and commercial businesses. Why not join them? Call us today on 0208 298 1111 and discuss your requirements with one of our helpful and friendly team.

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