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How Can I benefit from a Communal IRS System?

If you manage a hotel, a block of flats or an office building then you may already be aware that your tenants will more than likely have different needs. What will be favoured by one of your tenants may not be favoured by the others. One situation that this may be prevalent is when you are deciding which tv provider to choose from. At DCUK we have been installing communal IRS systems for many years. If you are interested in having one installed at your property in Kent then call us today on 020 8712 8938 or contact us today!

What Is a Communal IRS System?

An IRS system (integrated receiving system) allows satellite, TV and radio aerial signals to be available in several different parts of your property. This allows tenants to decide which provider they wish to sign up with as they are able to receive any type of signal at their home. 


What Are the Benefits of a Communal IRS System?

One benefit of installing a communal IRS system is that it simply gives your tenants much more freedom when deciding which TV provider they wish to go with. If you are consistently seeing tenants moving in and out of your property then you won’t have the need to have different satellites installed or removed in order for the new tenants to receive services from a different provider. A communal IRS system is, therefore, a very flexible option that is sure to save time.

Another benefit is that having a communal IRS system will reduce the need to install a variety of dishes and satellites at the property. This is a positive as generally satellite dishes can be an eyesore. On top of this,  it also removes the need to acquire planning permission to install any other satellite dishes. A block of flats would only require one satellite dish as opposed to having a wall filled with a larger number of dishes, this is clearly more attractive for any potential tenants looking to move in in the future. 

 Installing a communal IRS system. An IRS system is also a great option as it gives tenants access to a wide range of  TV channels as well as the freedom to choose which TV provider they would like to sign up with. The IRS system is also great as it is built into a property, reducing the imprint that it has on your home or office. 

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What Else are Communal IRS Systems Used for?

Although we mentioned how great a communal IRS system is for allowing tenants to have the freedom to choose any tv provider, an IRS system is also fully equipped with FM and DAB digital aerials. This makes it incredibly easy and quick to listen to whatever radio shows you wish. Installing an IRS system gives your tenants the power and flexibility to choose the entertainment provider that they want. 


DCUK – Communal IRS Systems in Kent


If you are interested in installing an IRS system in your property then DCUK is the number one choice. We can arrange to visit your property in order to offer professional and impartial advice as to whether your home would be well suited. If this system would be perfect for your property then we will be able to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. DCUK have years of experience in the installation and repair of various home technologies in Kent, including CCTV systems, burglar alarms and aerials. You can be sure that you will receive a truly professional service, second to none. This is one of the reasons that we exceed our customer’s expectations.

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