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How Can I benefit from a Communal IRS System?

If you manage a hotel, a block of flats or an office building then you may already be aware that your tenants will more than likely have different needs. What will be favoured by one of your tenants may not be favoured by the others. One situation that this may be prevalent is when you are deciding which tv provider to choose from. At DCUK we have been installing communal IRS systems for many years. If you are interested in having one installed at your property in Kent then call us today on 020 8712 8938 or contact us today!

What Is a Communal IRS System?

An IRS system (integrated receiving system) allows satellite, TV and radio aerial signals to be available in several different parts of your property. This allows tenants to decide which provider they wish to sign up with as they are able to receive any type of signal at their home. 


What Are the Benefits of a Communal IRS System?

One benefit of installing a communal IRS system is that it simply gives your tenants much more freedom when deciding which TV provider they wish to go with. If you are consistently seeing tenants moving in and out of your property then you won’t have the need to have different satellites installed or removed in order for the new tenants to receive services from a different provider. A communal IRS system is, therefore, a very flexible option that is sure to save time.

Another benefit is that having a communal IRS system will reduce the need to install a variety of dishes and satellites at the property. This is a positive as generally satellite dishes can be an eyesore. On top of this,  it also removes the need to acquire planning permission to install any other satellite dishes. A block of flats would only require one satellite dish as opposed to having a wall filled with a larger number of dishes, this is clearly more attractive for any potential tenants looking to move in in the future. 

 Installing a communal IRS system. An IRS system is also a great option as it gives tenants access to a wide range of  TV channels as well as the freedom to choose which TV provider they would like to sign up with. The IRS system is also great as it is built into a property, reducing the imprint that it has on your home or office. 

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What Else are Communal IRS Systems Used for?

Although we mentioned how great a communal IRS system is for allowing tenants to have the freedom to choose any tv provider, an IRS system is also fully equipped with FM and DAB digital aerials. This makes it incredibly easy and quick to listen to whatever radio shows you wish. Installing an IRS system gives your tenants the power and flexibility to choose the entertainment provider that they want. 


DCUK – Communal IRS Systems in Kent


If you are interested in installing an IRS system in your property then DCUK is the number one choice. We can arrange to visit your property in order to offer professional and impartial advice as to whether your home would be well suited. If this system would be perfect for your property then we will be able to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. DCUK have years of experience in the installation and repair of various home technologies in Kent, including CCTV systems, burglar alarms and aerials. You can be sure that you will receive a truly professional service, second to none. This is one of the reasons that we exceed our customer’s expectations.

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A Brief History Of CCTV Systems

Looking around, CCTV has become a very popular choice for home and business owners looking to protect their properties. Being surrounded by CCTV cameras every day, you would be forgiven for taking them for granted. In this article, we will be providing a brief history of CCTV systems so that you may come away with a renewed sense of appreciation for this incredibly useful piece of technology.


History of CCTV Systems


The first CCTV cameras were originally used in Nazi Germany in 1942 in order to observe the launch of V-2 rockets whereas the first commercially installed CCTV system was installed in the US in 1949. What you may not realise is that the technology used in CCTV cameras has come an incredibly long way from their initial implementation. In fact, the first CCTV systems had to be continuously monitored because there was no way of actually recording any of the footage for viewing afterwards. It is easy to see why this would make CCTV a completely unviable option for homeowners as there would be no need to monitor your home while you are at home yourself. Today we have the luxury of even being able to monitor your CCTV camera from a remote location, using the handheld device of your choice. 


Soon came the arrival of reel to reel tapes which finally allowed the recording of CCTV footage, however, this was very tedious and time-consuming, so it wasn’t until VCR was invented in the 1970s that CCTV became widespread. Following on from this, further advancements which allowed the use of motion sensors and multiple cameras being connected to one system soon caused CCTV systems to become much more popular. 

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The Various Uses for CCTV Cameras


Today, CCTV systems are often used to protect your property from criminal activity, there has been a lot of research to show that CCTV cameras are an effective way to deter burglars from targeting your property. After all, why would you risk being caught on camera whilst in the midst of criminal activity when you can simply choose a different house? CCTV systems were also installed in public areas in order to reduce crime as a cheaper alternative to increasing the size of police departments.


This was not always the case though, in fact, CCTV cameras we once used to broadcast various sporting events. For example, many boxing matches including “Rumble In The Jungle” were broadcast from a live CCTV stream where viewers could pay to access these streams. This means of broadcasting was then replaced with cable tv. 


Nowadays CCTV cameras are used for a variety of applications. The police force will generally implement body cameras for officers in order to use as evidence while on duty. On top of this, many transport services will also use CCTV footage to monitor passengers while travelling. This is a useful way to check whether there are passengers obstructing doors on the train for example. In the US, CCTV systems are also used in schools to prevent vandalism and bullying.


CCTV on transport


Final Thoughts


So as we can see, CCTV systems have come a long way over the years. Today, they are used for many purposes that they were originally not intended for. In years to come, we may also begin to see CCTV even widespread once drones become more popular. The fact that cameras are often used for commercial businesses and have now become even more popular for domestic properties goes to show the extent of their effectiveness of deterring crime as well as catching any criminals that still continue to break the law. If you are interested in a high-quality CCTV system for your home or business then DCUK Ltd has been installing security systems for many years. If you wish to find out more then call us today on 0208 298 1111 

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Why You Need a Professional to Install Your CCTV System

Your home is a place where you are supposed to feel safe, a place where you also keep all of your treasured possessions that often cannot be replaced. Although in an ideal world we wouldn’t need to protect our belongings, there are still criminals out there who would not hesitate to steal from your home, if given the opportunity. For this reason, CCTV systems are often used as a deterrent for criminals looking to break into homes. On top of this, CCTV systems are also crucial in any police investigation after a crime has been committed. So who exactly are CCTV systems made for?


Advancements in technology have always resulted in products that were originally only saved for a small portion of consumers suddenly being available to the majority. Looking back only 10-15 years, you may have thought that CCTV systems were only for the rich or for businesses. Nowadays, CCTV systems are actually very affordable and have therefore become very popular. Here at DCUK, we have been installing high-quality CCTV Systems for many years, nowadays you don’t have to break the bank to have a CCTV camera installed at your home or business by a leading professional.


With the reductions in manufacturing costs, there have also been many shops or online retailers who will now sell CCTV systems at very low costs, these systems will often require DIY installation. Although the internet has made it easier to teach yourself many things about technology, there are still professionals for a reason. For this reason, in this article, we will be going through the reasons why you should leave it to the experts. If you are looking to protect your home from potential criminals with a security system then call our expert team on 0208 298 1111.  

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Criminals Prefer DIY Security Systems


Did you know that burglars actually prefer DIY security systems to one that was installed by a professional? This is one huge reason that you stay well clear of attempting the installation yourself. Although cameras outside a property may initially seem like a deterrent for a criminal, seeing a camera that has been set up facing the wrong way or even with an obstacle blocking it may actually seem like an incentive for a criminal to target your home. After all, if a homeowner has been that careless with the installation then they may wonder how else their victim has been careless.


Following on from this point, many homeowners may also believe that a CCTV system will deter any criminal. For this reason, many retailers sell fake cameras which have been created for this reason. The problem with this is that any burglar with any experience will be able to spot these fake systems from a mile off. The fact that a property is even armed with a fake camera will then send a signal to the burglar that there is something worth protecting at the house. This may then make the criminal even more intrigued, this is obviously the exact opposite of the home owner’s original intention. For this reason, we would suggest avoiding fake cameras at all costs. Although you may think you are saving money by buying a £10 fake camera, these cameras do not provide peace of mind when compared with a professionally installed CCTV system.


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DIY Installation Can Be Illegal


Did you know that there are many laws that you need to consider when installing security cameras at your property? For example, there are laws that determine where you are able to record footage. If you were to install a camera that records footage outside of your home then this would actually be illegal. You are also not allowed to set up your camera if it is set up to face a neighbouring window for instance. This is to protect the privacy of others, can you imagine if your neighbour had a camera set up that looked into your bedroom window? This is clearly a breach of your privacy. Professional CCTV installers know this and will, therefore, make sure that they install cameras in a completely legal manner. Although you can read up online to find out where you can and can’t install your camera, it is much easier to safer to call an expert.


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Out of Sight, Out of Luck


As well as acting as a huge deterrent for criminals, CCTV systems can also be incredibly effective at providing evidence during a police investigation. For this reason, it is essential that your camera is set up in the best possible location in order to have the best chance of catching the burglar. Many homeowners install a camera at their property, without the knowledge or expertise to realise that any footage recorded will not be of a high enough quality to actually lead to any form of prosecution. For instance, it is very common for a camera to be placed in a spot which does not actually have a clear line of sight to any entry points of your home.


As well as not providing a clear enough line of sight, many DIY installers do not understand the correct settings that need to be set on the camera in order to provide a useable image. On the other hand, someone who installs CCTV for a living will be able to easily set any camera up to provide the best image quality possible. For this reason, sometimes it is even worth having a slightly cheaper camera and paying the extra money to have an expert install it, rather than opting for a more expensive camera, only to install it yourself. Remember, the quality of your camera doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to use it.




CCTV systems are specifically made to give you a sense of security. With systems now also able to send a direct feed to your mobile devices, they are also extremely accessible and convenient. One great use of this is when you are on holiday, you can then check up on your property while you are on the other side of the world. However, with this comes various problems if your system is not installed correctly. These features work by utilising your wifi connection. Highly skilled criminals can hack into these connections if they are not set up correctly. This is another reason why having a professional install your home security system is the right choice.


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Time is Money


Installing a CCTV system by yourself may seem like a great choice when you compare the price to that of a professional installation but this is simply not the case. Installing your camera isn’t something that can be learnt in no time and although you can learn to do so, this will take a significant amount of time reading instruction manuals as well as reading up on the legality surrounding data protection. As the saying goes, “Time is money”. So if you are spending a lot of time learning how to install your equipment then maybe it is worth saving yourself time and effort as well as any legal issues down the line, by contacting a professional.

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High-Quality CCTV Systems


So if you are looking for a high-quality CCTV system and you would like to have it installed by leading professionals in the industry, DCUK has been working with security systems for both domestic and commercial properties for many years and have built up a high level of expertise. Our team will also walk you through every step of the installation, answering any questions that you may have regarding how to use your equipment. Contact us today or call us on 0208 298 1111.

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6 Top Tips to Protect Your Home From Burglars

Protecting Your Home From Burglars

Whether you have recently seen an increase in criminal activity in your neighbourhood or you have always been slightly worried about potential burglaries in your area, it is always a sensible choice to take every precaution to ensure that your home is safe from any potential thieves. After all, if you can’t feel safe in your own home, then where can you?


DCUK are the experts when it comes to home security systems, including both CCTV systems and burglar alarms. Although these are incredibly effective tools for protecting your home, it is also important to use these tools in tandem with other methods to ensure that your home is not a target for a potential burglar.


Key in lock


Change Your Locks Immediately If You Lose Your Key


Losing your key is something that can happen to the best of us. After the initial panic, many people accept that the key is lost, opting to use a spare key or getting another key cut. In this situation, you should first think about whether any strangers have been in your house recently. Even if not, it is a great idea to change your locks to avoid any consequences. Put it this way, if someone that has been into your house now has your key, they now have full access to your property at any time they wish.


Although we don’t suggest that you should be paranoid about all of your friends and family, if anyone who knew you had your key as well as the knowledge of your schedule, without a CCTV system or burglar alarm at your property, there would be nothing from stopping them from entering your house while you were out. What’s more, you will most likely not be covered by your home insurance if your possessions were stolen with no signs of forced entry.


Keep Your Keys Out Of Sight


Following on from making sure that you change your locks if you somehow lose your key, you should also make sure that any criminals cannot gain access to your house keys. One common mistake that homeowners make is that they may hide a spare key outside of their property. Because this is so common, this is a burglar’s bread and butter. If you want to avoid making your home an easy target for thieves then you really need to avoid leaving a key outside. If you absolutely have to have a spare key outside then you need to become more creative with where you choose to hide it. For example, you could bury it somewhere outside of the house, or potentially even hollow out an item outside your house to hide a key in.  This way you can avoid letting a criminal enter your house without any trouble whatsoever. Even leaving keys inside your house can be a huge mistake if they are still visible to anyone outside so this is something to bear in mind.


Check Your Burglar Alarm

person pressing button on burglar alarm.

A burglar alarm is essential in the battle against potential thieves. However, you should also make sure that you have bought a high-quality alarm that you can rely on. Many low-quality alarms may go off unexpectedly, you may have even heard one of your neighbours’ alarms going off every other week. The problem with this is that generally, neighbours won’t tend to even care once an alarm has gone off for the third time in one week. If you are having problems with your burglar alarm, the best course of action is to get it replaced or repaired immediately. Once you have done this, it is worth notifying your neighbours that your alarm has been fixed, that way they will know that if your alarm goes off in the future then they should take notice.


Talk To Your Neighbours

Neighbours talk outside


In this day and age, a large number of people spend a vast amount of time posting on their social media. For anyone who is very excited about going holiday, they may have told all of their friends through their social media, whether this is talking about their future plans or perhaps simply taking pictures while they are abroad. To a criminal, this is a signal that your house is currently unoccupied and therefore an easy target. We would advise it would be much safer to post holiday pictures after you return to avoid this.


Other than the signals that you send out on social media, there are also tell-tale signs at your property that show that no one is home. For example, if your bins have not been used for a few weeks, this tells a thief that no one has been around for a long time. On top of this, if you plan to leave the country for a long time then having a pile-up of mail at your door or perhaps even an unkempt front garden can be a dead give away.


To solve this, you should make friends with your neighbours and let them know that you will be away. You could even ask them to use your bin while you are away, this is a win-win for both of you. You could also ask a close friend or neighbour to potentially house sit to make it clear to anyone who is watching that your property is not vacant.


Furthermore, you should always aim to have a great relationship with your neighbours. If you make a point of informing your neighbour if you see anyone suspicious around their property then there is a great chance that they will also let you know they see any potential criminals casing your home for a future burglary.


Test Your Home Security


This next tip might sound slightly peculiar but it is a great idea to try and see your house from the perspective of a burglar. By surveying your house, looking to break into your own home, it is possible to discover any weaknesses or potential flaws in your security. We aren’t saying that you should go around smashing your windows, but there may be an entry point to your house that you may have not realised was there. For example, maybe a top floor window at the back of your house is actually easier to reach than you first thought. This may make you think twice before leaving this window open when you leave the house.


Invest In a Porch Light

Motion sensor light on wall outside


Criminals do not like being caught in the act. This is why CCTV systems and burglar alarms are incredibly useful for protecting your home from burglars. On top of this, we would also recommend having a porch light that is activated by a motion sensor. Any thief that may approach your house will be very cautious to break into your home if they soon become easily visible for passers-by, as well as being extremely identifiable in CCTV footage.




As you can see, there are many extra steps that you can take to reduce the chances of your home being targeted by criminals. In order to protect your property as much as possible, these tips should be used in conjunction with a high-quality CCTV system and burglar alarm. If you do not currently have these systems installed at your home then DCUK has been the number one choice for home security systems for many years. Call us today on 0208 298 1111 to find out more

Affordable Burglar Alarm Kent

What are the benefits of a burglar alarm in your home or business?

What are the benefits of a burglar alarm in your home or business? – DC UK

With crime rates rising in sub-urban areas, it’s of vital importance that care is taken in both commerical & residential properties. It’s a sad statistic to read but we have to realise that any property can be broken into. If a criminal see’s an opportunity, they’ll take it. Even if you’re living in a supposedly “safe” area, you’re still at risk if you aren’t appropriately protected. Even if you’re in a protected area, we’re sure that you still worry if you’re away from your home especially if you’re on holiday. If you’re looking to obtain peace of mind when you’re home, a burglar alarm is a great way of doing so. Visit our post on Burglar Alarm & find out more about our service.

Affordable Burglar Alarm Kent

Here are few reasons on why you should consider a burglar alarm for your home:

Protecting your valuables:

Your everyday home will have things that are valuable in them. From phones, televisions, stereos, games consoles, clothes, money & jewellery, there are a lot of things that a burglar can easily re-sell. A common reason that people break into homes in order to steal their keys and then take their vehicle. Businesses will hold lots of stock with lots of industry equipment. These alone are worth stealing to a criminal who has the connections to make money from these items.

Lowering insurance premiums:

The better protection you have in your home or business, the less likely your items are going to be stolen. Criminals are looking for the easiest opportunity they can get, so they won’t bother with a home or office that is heavily protected. Burglar alarms are a strong deterrent for any criminal that is looking for an easy opportunity.

By installing a burglar alarm, you could end up reducing your insurance premiums. The rate at which it reduces will depend on your provider but you could see large savings as you’re better protected against crime

Why should you use DC UK Ltd?

Besides our commitment to a quality service, we’re also one of the most reputable security system providers in Kent. Our reputation in delivering the appropriate systems & services to our customers is something we take pride in. Some of the benefits you get by enquiring with us are:

· Quality After-Sale services

At DC UK, we follow through with our services and systems even after the initial installation. We work hard to make sure our burglar alarms are installed without error. In the event of a malfunction or error then we’ll be sure to arrange a visit to help you rectify the issue.  Any issue or questions about the system can also be taken care of by our staff of support services staff who are available 7 days of the week!

· Reliability & Professionalism

Whether you’re having a burglar alarm fitted or a CCTV system, DC UK makes certain that it’s fitted as quickly and as reliably as they can. We understand the effect of downtime in a business, as well as the effect of workers in any home. Our teams make sure that they’re as unobtrusive as possible wherever they’re fitting a system.

· Wide Range Of Products

At DC UK, we’ve worked with several manufacturers within the security system market. This has allowed us to understand & learn about the different types of systems so that we know what is best for each circumstance. DC UK is impartial with regards to what we offer and advise as long as the solution suits the customer. Everyone will have different requirements which is why our service is suited for anyone. We’re able to cater for our clients in a way no other provider can!

· Effective Communication With Our Clients

We understand the importance of communication with our clients throughout the entire process of installation. We remain in frequent contact with the customer to ensure they their system is running smoothly. We’re there for them with open ears and guidance as leading professionals in this field.

Everyone at DC UK is fully commited and experienced with alarm systems. We only want to offer the very best service to our clients. For burglar alarms in Kent, visit our page on Burglar Alarms Kent. Give us a call for additional information on.

CCTV System Installation Dartford

CCTV Systems Dartford

Why A Business Person Should Consider CCTV – Authored by DCUK LTD

If you’re a small to medium sized business owner, you are maybe likely to be looking at the different methods you can find of safeguarding your premises. You should be really concerned with safeguarding the safety of the building in addition to the staff which work there since it is what any good businessman would take into consideration. There are things like using a psychical guard to secure the premises however, this demands you to employ a new member of staff as well as being somewhat limited considering that you are likely to go through a new recruiting step for that because most have not contracted in the security sector previously. Such things as background checks and contracting charges really are a complication that you do not need to go through because there are actions you can take to the installation of a CCTV system in your premises. By adding CCTV means have video evidence in the case of something that would call for any legal procedures, along with preventing incidents before they take place.


How would you like a comprehensive service which offers you the finest CCTV design and installation in the Dartford area? Well go to DCUK’s web page on CCTV Installation Dartford or give us a call on 0208 298 1111 and speak to one of our team!

Research has shown that most establishments that use CCTV video cameras end up stopping anti- social behaviour which consists of both theft and vandalism from their building. If your business involves the dealing in products and merchandise, then you’re subject to this sort of behaviour so it is vital you try and deter thieves and any other undesirables that would think about stealing from your property.

A further motive towards the installation of CCTV inside of your company building is the always- increasing threat of assault in the workplace, that may materialise in numerous varieties, for instance, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, or general psychological harassment. It is sad that we should take these kinds of precautions to prevent or capture these things taking place but in many instances, things like this do go on in more populated workforces whereby different personas can connect. So it is critical you are providing an instrument for yourself as well as your workforce to use to ensure you can collect disrespectful behaviour as such as those mentioned above. You might also encounter assault through something similar to an armed robbery, in which the motive to get a CCTV system is all the more as it is incredibly important you have video evidence of such procedures due to the fact video footage of the perpetrator actually in operation is probably the strongest pieces of information against them in court. Additionally, it may give the police the bit of support they will often have to have as a way to catch the criminal. Most importantly, a visible CCTV system can dissuade the would-be criminal.

Industrial CCTV package deals can enter in the current market at many various price points because there’s a saturation of different manufacturers and products that offer you a much better possibility of acquiring something that is perfectly suited to your company. A Number Of deals will likely be suitable for smaller business’s or residential use whilst a premise like a supermarket will need a larger set up making use of far more surveillance cameras and more state-of-the-art solutions.

CCTV can also safeguard lots of things simultaneously, as it is possible to make use of your CCTV system so that you can provide safety inside work hours, and also after hours. You can get specific types of digital cameras, which make use of night surveillance technological innovation like infrared to be able to provide you with a clear picture at night without resorting to viewable light, which will give you numerous advantages. Even in the pitch-dark of nights, you’re still offered a wonderfully clear picture to view.

When fitted effectively and employed along with other safety measures, CCTV can give you an array of advantages irrespective of where you have it fitted. You’re likely to be a business person seeking to defend your property, or you may be a home owner trying to defend your family in addition to your property. As with everything relating to your safety, there isn’t any blanket model that is suited for everyone, and that’s why it is important to speak to the team at DCUK to find the best security system for your circumstance. By doing this you will get something which is personalised to you and the property.

CCTV Products have progressed and have absolutely been enhanced a lot since the time of the ungainly hooded camera most people think about when you imagine CCTV. They have become a user-friendly, very easy to manage and maintain security system that everybody can make use of to defend their property.

Trying to find a dependable and experienced CCTV Installment Service In Dartford? DCUK LTD is looked upon among the list of greatest security system installation businesses in the Dartford area. Phone our staff on 0208 298 1111 to speak to our team to find a CCTV system to suit your needs immediately!