CCTV Systems Kent

CCTV Systems Kent

CCTV Systems Kent – Why would we need a CCTV system?

When we think about CCTV, we might think about high-security situations like a bank or public areas that need protecting. Have you ever thought about what you think is worth protecting, however? Business owners work hard every day to make something for ourselves so why not protect it? Business owners won’t often think about safeguarding their businesses, so the security of your property is forgotten about. It’s important to protect what you’ve worked so hard for, so you should consider passive methods like CCTV. CCTV systems can bring the protection of a security guard with the value of a surveillance system. CCTV systems are often a good preventive measure, especially in outdoor situations. Front of shop areas needs the most attention since they’re usually subject to crime like vandalism. Keep reading our blog to find out more about our CCTV Systems Kent service.

CCTV Systems Kent
CCTV Systems Kent

At DCUK, we focus on offering our customers reliable CCTV systems for their business. Our team offer CCTV systems for homes as a lot of concerned homeowners would like a surveillance tool too. We know that many households would benefit from CCTV, especially with national burglary rates on a slight rise in 2018. The current economic climate doesn’t place a lot of hope in peoples minds, with more & more people resorting to crime. Whilst CCTV isn’t a fool-proof defence against burglars, it does act as an amazing tool for authorities to use. Recording the criminal in the act is a huge help for the police as they often won’t leave physical evidence. Most burglars are now aware of police processes which makes them much more cautious. This means that video evidence is often one of the only ways the police can identify the criminal.

Pairing security systems:

CCTV systems can also be used in conjunction with burglar alarms to make comprehensive security system. With both acting as strong deterrents as well as alerting systems which will make it harder for the trespasser. Systems like this can be used in domestic & commercial situations. Installing systems like this are very easy, so businesses can avoid any downtime. Combining two security systems may seem like overkill, however, when it comes to your property, we think it’s worth it. Crime is in-line with the national average in Kent, so people are going to experience increased chances of crime. Our CCTV professionals cover both domestic & commercial installations in Kent.

CCTV is a proven way of protecting any property. Whether it’s a small 2 bedroom bungalow or a large commercial warehouse, there is a CCTV system for it. CCTV is a strong defence against trespassers making it ideal to pair with a security alarm. This is great for both domestic and commercial users. Whatever your needs are, we are sure to find a security solution to match your specific needs.

What DCUK offer:

The team at DCUK deliver security systems with confidence. With decades of experience, we take pride in the service we offer. Our customers get the assurance of a solid security solution, as well as the guarantee of our expertise & knowledge. From installation to training, we take care of every step of the process! We work with the best manufacturers & suppliers to make sure we’re giving you the best product. From burglar alarms to CCTV, we only deal with the highest quality equipment. You don’t want to go for something cheap or “budget” when it comes to the security of your property. You wouldn’t buy cheap locks for your front door, so why go cheap for your security systems? This is by no means a declaration of an expensive service, as we think our products & service are very affordable.

Our service appeals to those that are looking for competitive pricing for the best quality products. We want to provide a no-fuss solution for domestic and commercial protection. This is why we simplify all of our processes. Knowing and finding out what CCTV system to buy can be hard. Especially if it’s never even crossed your mind. This is why we offer professional advice, so you can learn about some systems that may suit you. We don’t want to hard sell anything to you, as we want you to make an informed decision. Regardless of what you need CCTV for, we make sure we’re giving you proper advice on the matter.

Why are CCTV systems important?

CCTV provides us with security & monitoring in specific locations and areas that cannot be watched 24/7. From public spaces to back gardens, CCTV enables us to monitor places we want to protect, for whatever reason. From crime prevention to safeguarding, CCTV is a very powerful tool when you want to survey & protect your property.

Are CCTV systems wireless?

CCTV cameras can be wireless depending on which model, and what type of cameras your system is based on. Wireless CCTV cameras can be great for those that don’t want to have wiring routed through their entire property. They also work in great remote areas as they still transmit their data wirelessly.

How are wireless CCTV systems powered?

Wireless CCTV cameras use power from the mains, which doesn’t take away from their name as they still send their data wirelessly. This reduces the amount of recording errors that may occur as all the video footage is immediately broadcasted & saved elsewhere.

Are wireless CCTV systems reliable?

As long as your camera(s) are still wired through the mains, then your cameras are perfectly reliable as they will be constantly powered. Battery powered CCTV cameras might be easier to set up yourself, however, nothing will be more reliable than a professionally installed wireless set up. Battery powered cameras could run out when you need them the most, so it’s best to plan ahead.

Are CCTV systems effective?

When we talk about CCTV cameras and their effectiveness, we need to determine what you are going to be using the cameras for. If we talk about government use, CCTV cameras are very effective in terms of reducing crime as well as improving the rate of prosecution if a crime does occur and is recorded.

Does CCTV prevent crime?

Studies show that that the use of CCTV has had a significant impact on crime rates in the UK. Findings show that CCTV has been the most effective in reducing vehicle-related crimes. Vehicle crime has reduced by 51% over the past 3 years, which is significantly more than any other country. Findings also suggest that CCTV works best when used with other types of safeguarding system like burglar alarms, and physical barriers like fencing.

Does CCTV record sound?

CCTV cameras do not come with sound recording capabilities as standard, as it’s usually a feature that a lot of people don’t need. Since CCTV cameras usually have a wide field of view, it’d be hard to pinpoint where you would want to record the audio. Audio recording can be a feature that is added, but this is up to the user’s discretion as it’s not necessary for a lot of peoples systems!

How does CCTV prevent crime?

CCTV prevents crime by acting as a strong deterrent. If a would-be criminal knows there’s a chance of being filmed in the act, they are more likely to not carry out the crime. This is the same concept when we look at burglaries and trespassers. If a home has blatant CCTV present, a burglar is much less likely to choose your home or property, as they know they’ll be recorded.

Is there any way a criminal could hack CCTV?

When it comes to domestic & commercial CCTV systems, there is not much out there that will be able to “hack” into a closed circuit television system. Because the system is its own circuit, it isn’t connected to a network that’s accessible for hackers. There are systems that allow for remote access to check the cameras, but these work off of complex proxies that are secure enough to forget about. Even if someone went through the effort of hacking the system, they still wouldn’t be able to disable the recording, which is the main reason someone would want to hack into a CCTV system.

Studies shows that most businesses who make use of CCTV find themselves deterring anti-social behaviour easier than those that don’t. which comprises of both vandalism and theft from their premises. If your business enterprise includes the dealing in goods and merchandise, then you’re susceptible to this sort of behaviour making it critical you try to dissuade thieves as well as other undesirables that would think about stealing out of your property.

CCTV is an important tool to protect your home from burglary, trespassing or even worse. If you are thinking of installing a surveillance system your property, DCUK can help. With over 15 years experience of fitting secure domestic systems, you know we are a company you can trust. Visit our website, call on 0208 298 1111 or email & protect your property today.

Why would a business owner want CCTV?

Another reason a business owner may want CCTV is to monitor & protect your workers since there is a benefit from having video evidence if anything was to happen. From workplace injuries to harassment internally or from a customer, having video footage of it is beneficial for anyone. It’s unfortunate that we need to consider these eventualities but these are things you need to think about. This is more apparent in bigger businesses as there are more workers to monitor.

CCTV is also able to survey & record any criminal activities like theft. Having video evidence of this is incredibly useful for insurance & legal cases. Video evidence gives the police a helping hand when they chase up leads. Without it, they’re not given much to go off from in the event of a robbery.

CCTV can act as an invaluable tool to businesses. When the risk of theft, vandalism & other criminal pursuits is a real threat, you can never have enough protection. Any of these damaging factors can ruin a business. When the risk of theft, vandalism & other criminal pursuits is a real threat, you can never have enough protection. For both a business owner & manager, CCTV can also give you an insight into the productiveness of your employee’s. CCTV can also work to protect your staff from any claims that your customers have given you. Video evidence is one of the strongest forms of evidence to have in any allegation. If you need to refute any claims that a customer is making, video evidence is key.

Commercial CCTV:

Commercial CCTV packages can enter in the marketplace at a range of price points since there is a big saturation of different systems. There are several companies that offer professional systems that we stock & offer. Certain systems will be better suited for commercial properties, as well as domestic use. There are then systems better suited for commercial premises like a retail store will need a larger setup. These systems use bigger setups as they often need more cameras.

CCTV can also help protect & secure many areas at the same time. Multiple cameras are often used even in homes as it gives you surveillance for more than one area. There are even cameras that use Infra-red emitters that allow cameras to see at night. You can get specific types of cameras, which use night surveillance technologies that give a crystal clear image without making use of viewable light. This is great for those that want to secure their properties in the day and night.

When fitted professionally & used along with other security systems like an alarm, CCTV can offer many benefits for those that want to add an extra level of security to their home or business. Whether you’re a business owner in the city looking to secure your shop front or a concerned homeowner, CCTV is for everyone!

CCTV has improved exponentially over the past few decades. They’ve come a long way since the days of the cumbersome hooded surveillance camera that some of us may think of when you think of CCTV. Modern CCTV has become simple to operate, easy to configure and offer many benefits that a lot of people are looking for in a security system.

Tailoring CCTV to you:

Like with anything regarding your safety, there is absolutely no blanket system that’s suited for everyone. This is why a conversation needs to happen with a member of our team so they’re able to tailor a CCTV system to you. You may need more or fewer cameras than the average user, which is why you will need to talk with the team at DCUK to find the best security system for your needs. By doing this you will get something which is bespoke to you & your property.

CCTV is a conflicting, if not debatable purchase for any homeowner. Most homeowners can’t see a huge benefit from CCTV if any as they’ve never been put into a situation where they’ve needed it. As the famous scout motto goes “Be Prepared!” Just because you’ve never needed CCTV doesn’t mean you won’t need it in the future! Burglaries can happen at any time, so it helps to know that your home has protection!

If you don’t buy CCTV to protect your property, then think about it protecting your family! Security measures like secure locks are always a good idea, especially used with CCTV. Security cameras in your home are just another method of protection to add to your overall security. You should never depend on one method of security! Having layers of security like a burglar alarm with CCTV is the best idea. You never know when something might happen, so it’s always good to have something watching over your property when you aren’t able to!

CCTV Systems Kent
CCTV Systems Kent

Single or multi-camera setups?

If you’ve researched a little bit into CCTV systems, you’ll know that you can have a mix of set-ups. If you’re a business owner, considering a multi-camera set up may be ideal. Multi-camera setups can monitor different areas at once, giving much more flexibility for a larger area. For smaller businesses or a home set up, a single camera is probably better suited. These systems are more simplistic, so there are fewer things to go wrong! They are also easier to manage and run and are often enough for a large home.

Our team can install any system you require the same level of professionalism as they always will. If you need a 2 camera system, they can do it. If you need a 12 camera system, they can do it! Book an installation with us today and get a leading CCTV system in Kent today. We’ve installed thousands of systems for across Kent. From small systems for homes to large systems for transport warehouses, DCUK have you covered.

DC UK has helped thousands of people to protect their property. Whether it be in their own homes or their businesses, DC UK has provided it. For more information about our CCTV systems or for any other service, please visit the rest of our site. Call our team on 0208 298 1111 to speak to our advisors today! – CCTV Systems Kent