CCTV Placement

Getting the Most Out of Your CCTV System

Whether you have just purchased a CCTV system or you are currently looking to install one at your home or business, it is important to make sure that you are getting the most out of your CCTV system. The best way to do this is to hire a professional to carry out the installation, as they will have had many years carrying out CCTV installations at a large number of properties for clients with varying needs.


In this article, we will be listing some tips for getting the most out of your CCTV system, so you can ensure that your new security system is effective at protecting your home or business from criminals.

CCTV Placement

CCTV Placement


One of the most important things to consider when installing a security system is where you wish to place the CCTV cameras. For example, in a commercial property, you may wish to have CCTV installed indoors in order to protect your staff in the case of any violence, theft or otherwise inappropriate behaviour at the workplace. This CCTV placement is perhaps less necessary in a domestic property.


One of the most effective places to install your security system is so that the camera is aiming at your front door. In order to avoid any criminal damage, it is best to have this installed on the second floor. If you do not live in a multi-storey building then it may be worth installing your camera behind wiring to protect it against the advances of any vandals. It is said that around 34% of burglaries occur through the front door, so it is clear to see why this is a very important part of your home or business to monitor.


With around 22% of burglaries occurring in the back or side doors of a property, it may be worth considering installing cameras that can capture any activity going on here as well. This is along with any windows that may allow a criminal to enter your property, as around 23% of burglaries occur through a window. This is especially true for an entry point which is hidden from the public eye. Criminals will be much less likely to attempt a break in plain sight, as any passerby could alert the police as soon as they see any suspicious activity.


Other places to consider focusing your camera’s attention on include: Your garage, basement, second floor or driveway. When deciding on the placement for your CCTV system, it is important to work out your budget, so you can first install cameras in the most effective places, before moving onto less effective locations. It is also worth deciding which points in your property contain the most valuable items. For instance, if you had a music studio in your garage, it would be well worth installing CCTV here, to begin with, if you did not own any more valuable items in your property.


Finally, you also need to know the main reason that you are having your CCTV system installed in the first place. If you are using it as a deterrent then you will need to ensure that the cameras are clearly visible to any potential criminals. In other circumstances, you may wish to have a slightly less visible installation if you are worried about criminals potentially tampering with the system. If you have hired a professional to install your cameras for you then it is worth discussing with them the best option.


After selecting the locations that you wish to install your security system, it is worth viewing the live footage as you install it. Otherwise, you could end up installing a camera somewhere that may look great on paper, only to discover an obstruction that is blocking its view.

CCTV and the Law

CCTV And The Law


Although you may be sick of hearing about it by now, there has been in a huge focus on the way people’s data is handled. Chances are, you will have read about GDPR or perhaps even had to do an online learning assessment at your workplace. For many, not having to deal with the relentless onslaught of emails sent from companies that you made one purchase from 10 years ago was a huge relief. Eventually, you will have inevitably given permission to another list of businesses looking to remarket to you.


For CCTV, you also have a legal obligation to not film people without them knowing. You’ve seen it before but when installing your CCTV outside of your property, you are required to have a sign, in plain sight, explaining that there is CCTV in operation in your premises. As with a lot of legal issues, it is important to fully understand the law surrounding CCTV, if you are looking to install cameras at your property. Another thing to consider is that anyone that you end up recording footage of has the right to view this. They must contact you within 40 days and you are able to charge them a fee of up to £10 for the trouble.


For a domestic property, it is also very important that none of your cameras is recording footage outside the boundaries of your premises. Although you may wish to do so, there are many issues that arise from filming outside of your property. One issue is that you may accidentally find someone’s bedroom or bathroom within the shot. This is actually more common than you may think and obviously this would be considered a huge breach of privacy. This is another reason that you should always check the live feed to your camera when you are installing a CCTV system.


You also need to ensure that you have clear motives for why you are installing CCTV at your property. For example, if you have CCTV in a commercial property in order to protect your staff from any inappropriate behaviour at work, you cannot then use this footage to monitor whether or not your employees are avoiding work.

CCTV Features

Camera Features


When looking to get the most out of your CCTV system you also need to choose the right features to suit your needs. For instance, are you looking to record footage during the night, or is your CCTV only to be used to monitor customers during your opening hours? In any country that sees its fair share of bad weather, you may also wish to install a camera with weather protection.


Some cameras are also well equipped with a wide angle lens to survey a much larger area, for cameras aimed at a front door this may not be necessary but in other situations, this may be necessary. Again, the best way to ensure that your camera is suited to your needs is to understand the main reason you are looking to install the cameras in the first place. You will then need to discuss this with the installer or read the specifications of the camera that you wish to buy very carefully.




There we have it, this is a very concise list with some things to consider when looking to get the most out of your CCTV system. If you wish to find out more then there is a large amount of information across the internet. If you are still unsure, it is sometimes much better to hire a professional. DCUK Ltd has been installing CCTV for a large number of customers both domestic and commercial for many years.  After all, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your property is safe if you have the most effective security system at your property.

Top 7 Myths CCTV

7 Most Common CCTV Myths

7 Most Common CCTV Myths


For anyone who has never had a CCTV security system installed at their property, the only experience you may have had of CCTV is from seeing it in the movies. For this reason, many myths have developed over the years regarding CCTV. In this article, we go over a 7 of the most common CCTV myths, setting matters straight, once and for all.


CCTV Can Be Installed By Anyone

CCTV Installed Professionally


This myth may have some truth to it, but there are reasons why this is also not entirely true. Although anyone can technically install a CCTV security system, why would you want to trust just anybody to do so? People install CCTV at their property with the hopes of protecting their possessions, by allowing someone with no experience to carry out the installation, they may unwittingly set up the camera in a less than ideal location. Imagine the horror of looking through CCTV footage after a burglary, only to find that the camera had been set up too far away to identify the criminal, or even worse, with an obstruction blocking its view of any point of entry to your property.


To ensure that your surveillance camera is installed correctly, it is always better to hire an installer that has had years of experience installing and setting up CCTV systems in order to get the most out of your security system.


CCTV Is Only For The Wealthy


Subconsciously you may think that having a security system at your property is something that is saved only for the very wealthy, or for commercial properties. You would be forgiven for thinking this as many films tend to focus on elaborate security systems that are fitted at the most luxury properties imaginable.


But why would CCTV only be appropriate for the wealthy? If the main function of having surveillance installed at your property is to protect both your possessions as well as any individual at the property, then no matter how wealthy you are, the peace of mind that this ensures is priceless. Whether you are rich or not, there has got to be something that you would want to protect at your property, whether that is your family or any antiques or family heirlooms that cannot simply be bought again.


Furthermore, a CCTV system does not have to be incredibly expensive. Many companies can offer the installation of a high-quality surveillance system at very reasonable prices. If you are looking to protect your property from potential criminals then it is a great idea to talk to a CCTV installation company in your area to find out how much it would cost before dismissing it as being reserved for the wealthy.


CCTV Systems May Encourage Criminals

CCTV Installation Myths

This myth is simply not true although it is easy to see where this rumour has stemmed from. Many people believe that, rather than deterring criminals, if you have CCTV installed at your property then this will actually be seen as a challenge for a burglar. Logically, you could understand that anyone with a security system at their house must have something they wish to protect at their property, but you would also assume that most burglars do not want to end up in prison.


As soon as a burglar notices your CCTV system, your camera will have also identified them. So why would any criminal want to increase the chances of getting caught? when a CCTV system is paired with a burglar alarm this is even more likely to deter anyone from breaking into your house. A criminal would much rather walk away and choose a property that has not chosen to install a security system.


CCTV Can Be Beaten By Clever Intruders


This next myth is very similar to the previous one. Because films often like to over dramatise any situation, when you think of CCTV, you may be thinking of some sort of spy film where a secret agent may tamper with a camera to get past its line of sight, undetected. Although technically true, the idea that this would ever happen is definitely blown out of proportion by Hollywood.


Even if this was the case, you are still creating another barrier for any criminal looking to break into your property and any deterrent is better than having none.


My Neighbourhood Is Safe


Although crime rates definitely do differ from area to area, one common myth is that some neighbourhoods are simply impervious to criminal activity. This is false. You may think that your neighbourhood watch is top notch, and no one would think to enter your property. What is surprising is that, especially during the summer months, many streets that usually do not see crime may suddenly become a target for burglars.


This is because a criminal loves it when homeowners have their guard down, in the heat of the summer you may leave your windows open and spend a lot of time in your garden. A criminal can simply enter your property through the door you have just created and leave with your valuables in no time at all. Long gone are the times when valuables tended to be larger items, a criminal could simply walk into your property and take a phone left on charge, leaving you out of pocket.


The best way to prevent opportunists is to make sure that you protect your property. Having CCTV installed at your home is a massive red flag for a burglar if they are searching for homes with their guards down, they will most likely not choose a house with a security system installed.


Security Systems Are Difficult To Use

Monitoring CCTV on Smart Phone

For anyone that is not particularly tech-savvy, you may feel the need to install CCTV are your home but may feel that it may be too complicated to use. Nowadays CCTV footage is very simple to monitor, you can set up your security system to view any activity at home by logging into your computer, or through your TV. Better yet, with the constant improvement in mobile phone technology, you can now check up on your home wherever you are. This is extremely useful if you are on holiday and want reassurance that your belongings are safe, leaving you to relax while you are away.


A CCTV System Is All That I Need To Protect My Possessions


Although we can’t emphasise the benefits of having a high-quality CCTV system at your home, this will not magically make it impossible for criminals to target you. One way to improve your chances is to pair your CCTV system with a state of the art burglar alarm. Both of these home security options work very well together and are a huge deterrent for any opportunist thieves.


A burglar alarm not only causes the burglar to panic and flee the scene, but it also gives your neighbours the signal that something is wrong. If the police are called as soon as the burglary begins then there is a much greater chance that the criminal is caught. Once the thief has been caught, the footage from your surveillance camera is a great piece of evidence to make sure that the burglar serves their time for the crime they have committed.



Installation of Security Camera

And there we have it, 7 of the most common CCTV Myths that you may have heard. We hope this article has been eye-opening for anyone who has been considering installing CCTV at their home. We can’t completely avoid being the target of criminal activity, but the installation of a home surveillance system, along with a burglar alarm, is a great way to prepare for the worst. If you are looking to install a security system at your home then DCUK have years of experience, call us today to arrange a quote on 0208 298 1111


CCTV Installation Kent

CCTV Installation Kent by DCUK Ltd

Security for your home is always something that should be on your mind. Unfortunately, many areas in the UK have rising crime rates, especially in areas that aren’t always thought of as “rough” areas. Bad-doers usually head into less built-up areas and try to prey on unsuspecting homes, as they are much less likely to be concerned about being burgled. Burglary rates have also risen in the past few months, which should raise more concern for homeowners.  CCTV is a great tool to use as the presence of cameras is usually enough to deter would-be-criminals in their tracks. However, if they persist, you will have viable evidence to provide the authorities within the event of a crime report and possible prosecution of the offending party. If you are thinking of fortifying your home with a CCTV installation in Kent, then contact DCUK for an initial quote. Call 0208 298 1111 or email and protect your home today.

CCTV KentCCTV is an important tool to protect your home from burglary, trespassing or even worse. If you are thinking of installing a surveillance system your property, DCUK can help. With over 15 years experience of fitting secure domestic systems, you know we are a company you can trust. Visit CCTV Installation Company Kent or Call 0208 298 1111 or email and protect your property today.

Considering CCTV:

CCTV is something that many don’t consider in their homes and business considering the need for it seems far from likely. But when something extreme happens, you will be surprised at how effective CCTV evidence is when it comes to providing visual evidence in whatever scenario you need it. Placing it in likely positions is always helpful considering a shop front is always going to attract certain attention, as well as the exterior of a home since any burglars are going to have to enter the premise somehow. Even mentioning CCTV brings up a huge amount of situations and scenarios that a camera system can be useful since video evidence is visual proof that something has happened.

DCUK is the leading CCTV Installation provider in Kent so you know you can trust them with your job. For something that is protecting your property, you do not want any shortcuts to be taken which is what DCUK prides themselves on. Enquire with the best and contact us on 0208 298 1111

CCTV is used all around the world as both a security and surveillance tool. With its many uses, it’s interesting to understand how CCTV can be used in so many different situations, which provide visual monitoring.

Key Uses For CCTV:

CCTV is used everywhere in the UK by the authorities for a variety of reasons since it’s ideal for monitoring public areas like busy cityscapes, train stations, roads, high streets and many more. Whilst the government has made obvious use of CCTV, civilians also make use of closed-circuit television to protect their property or at least act as a visual deterrent, which in many cases works wonders. With over10 million crimes in England and Wales, the public sector has adopted what was a business-orientated technology since the benefits that can be gained from such a system.

CCTV as a visual deterrent is one of the biggest uses for the system. It can be so effective against the less confident burglar who doesn’t want to take the chance. For anyone that does want to task themselves will have to face the multiple cameras installed in the system in a home that is utilising a CCTV system. If the presence of CCTV doesn’t deter the potential trespasser then at least you will be given enough visual evidence to provide police with valuable information

CCTV can be an invaluable tool to businesses as theft, vandalism and other criminal pursuits can be a huge damaging factor for small and large businesses alike. For both owners and managers, it can give you an informative insight in the productiveness of your employee’s, as well as protecting your staff from any claims that your customers have given you in a retail environment. Video evidence is often the strongest in any allegations that feature a customer accusing an employee of mis-selling etc.

If you are trying to protect your business or home with CCTV cameras then enquire with DCUK as they are the leading CCTV Installation Provider in Kent. DCUK are stringent on their quality and practices so contact the best for the highest quality installation to protect your property from criminals. Call us on 0208 298 1111

CCTV In Your Home:

If not to protect your belongings, it should be to protect your family in the case of a break in. Measures like secure locks are always good, especially used in conjunction with CCTV. Security cameras in you’re home are another method of protection to further protect your property as well as your belongings. At the end of the day, you don’t know when something might happen, so it’s always good to have something watching over your property when you can’t.

Again, thinking that a friendly neighbourhood is enough of a reason to forgo a surveillance system. It is a well known fact however that burglars criminals will scout these areas specifically as they know what people tend to think. Whether they check the area first, or just pick your house at random, there really isn’t much stopping these criminals if you aren’t at home. This is why we see so much validity in using a CCTV system in a domestic environment, as it can provide you with not just peace of mind and a deterrent, but also a source of recording that you can use that is going to provide the police with much more evidence than footprints can ever do.

Many people think CCTV systems are made complicated, which is true to a degree but all for a good reason. If you could cut off a CCTV system with a single wire then it wouldn’t be very secure. Most CCTV systems are set up as a closed circuit system, meaning the signal is sent to a recording device or a computer/TV screen somewhere on the premise. Most domestic settings are going to have recording device like secure hard drives but some may opt for more advanced features like Wi-fi / remote access so that they can access their home system with a mobile device.  This again can give you peace of mind that your home is secure. This could also be used as a tool for pet minding for shorter durations that you are away from home.

Deterring Criminals:

Like we’ve mentioned before, even the presence of a CCTV camera is a strong visual deterrent for any criminal. Many don’t want to take the chance with such a well protected home. You would normally have at least one camera pointed to the outside of the home so there will always be a visual reminder to trespassers that this home is defended. You can also use warning signs in conjunction with the actual system, which is going to provide people with an even stronger message that the home is not to trespass.

CCTV is an important tool to protect your home from burglary, trespassing or even worse. If you are thinking of installing a surveillance system your property, DCUK can help. With over 15 years experience of fitting secure domestic systems, you know we are a company you can trust. Visit CCTV Installation Company Kent or Call 0208 298 1111 or email and protect your property today.

CCTV Installation Welling – DCUK LTD

Why A Business Owner Should Consider CCTV – Written by DCUK LTD

As a small to medium sized business owner, you are probably going to be contemplating the different ways there are of guarding your property. You should be rightfully concerned about protecting the safety of the premises as well as the staff that work there since it is what any decent business owner would consider. There are things like employing a psychical security guard to secure the premise but this requires employing a new member of staff as well as being slightly restrictive since you are going to through a new recruitment step for that since most have never contracted from the security sector before. Things like background checks and contracting fees are a complication that you do not have to go through, since there are measures you can take like installing a CCTV system in your premise. The addition of CCTV ensures you have video evidence in the event of anything that would involve any legal procedures, as well as preventing anything like that from happening.

Would you like an inclusive service that gives you the best CCTV installation in the Welling area? Well visit DCUK Ltd’s page on: CCTV Installation Welling or contact us on: 0208 298 1111 and speak to one of our team!


Research shows that the majority of establishments that utilise CCTV cameras end up deterring anti-social behaviour which includes both theft and vandalism from their premise. If your business involves the dealing in goods and merchandise, then you are subject to this sort of behaviour so it is important you try and deter shoplifters and any other undesirables that would think about stealing from your property. It can also stop any un-aggravated attacks against your workforce from any rough behaviour from customers in which you can use it in your legal repercussion if you wish to do so.

Another motive towards installing CCTV in your business premise is the forever growing threat of violence at work, which can materialise in many forms such as, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, or general emotional harassment. It is sad that we need to take such precautions in order to prevent or catch these things happening but in most cases, things like this do go on in more populated work forces since contrasting personalities can meet. So it is important you are providing a tool for yourself and for your workforce to use to make sure you can catch disrespectful behavior as such as those listed above. You could also experience violence through something like an armed robbery which is forces the motive for a CCTV system even more since it is incredibly important you obtain video evidence of such procedures since video footage of of the perpetrator in action is one of the strongest pieces of evidence against them in court. It can also give the police the helping hand they might need in order to catch the offender.

CCTV for Business – DCUK

Commercial CCTV packages can enter the market at many different price points since there is a saturation of different brands and products that give you a better chance of finding something that is perfectly suited for your business. Certain packages are going to be best suited for smaller business’s or domestic use whereas a premise like a supermarket would require a bigger installation using more cameras and more advanced technology.

CCTV can also cover many things at once since you are able to use your CCTV system in order to provide safety within the working hours, as well as after hours. There are special types of cameras which utilise night surveillance technology like infrared in order to give you a clear image in the night without using viewable light which can give you some benefits. Even in the darkest of nights, you are still given a perfectly clear image to view.

Would you like an expert and professional CCTV Installation service in Welling? Call us on: 0208 298 1111 and we can provide you with the best CCTV installation in Welling.

Security Camera System Welling | DCUK LTD

Security Camera System Welling – Written By DCUK LTD

When thinking about CCTV in a domestic or commercial setting, you have to ponder the benefits that the system can give you. There are quite a lot of pro’s to a CCTV security system that are obvious, but others can be less so, so we go through some of the main advantages from installing a CCTV security system on your property.

Trying to find a reliable and professional CCTV Installation Service In Welling? DCUK LTD is regarded as one of the best security system installation companies in the Welling area. Call our team on: 0208 298 1111 to speak to our team to find a CCTV system for you today!

Wireless CCTV Installers Kent

The most frequent benefits that we see are:

Visual Deterrent – Security cameras are an amazing put off to potential burglars/trespassers as many realise the threat of video evidence against them. The threat of a closed circuit television system is often enough to stop any would be criminals.

Providing A Safer Working Environment – A camera system can help ensure the following of health & safety policies in the work day, as well as being used in the event of staff training which can become invaluable in certain trades.

Prevent Shop Lifting – Would be shoplifters are often deterred and thwarted by security cameras since they are able to provide live views of shop floors which couldn’t be covered by a security guard. The presence of the cameras alone gives the shoplifters something to think about before they attempt stealing from your store.

Prosecution – The rate of prosecution can increase tenfold when considering the amount of incriminating evidence you can provide to the court in the case of a prosecution. In the case of vandalism, theft or any criminal pursuits, then you are able to provide the court with something that is stronger than witness statements.

Safety – Having a CCTV system in your premise is a big step into ensuring the safety of the contents and the inhabitants within. Even knowing you have a security system in place gives you and the inhabitants of the property peace of mind. This feeling should not be underestimated, as domestic burglaries can be an incredibly traumatic experience for the victims of such a tactless crime.

When installed correctly and used in conjunction with other security measures, CCTV can give you a plethora of advantages regardless of where you have it installed. You could be a business owner looking to protect your property, or you could be a homeowner looking to protect your loved ones as well as your home. As with anything regarding your security, there is no blanket system that is suited for everyone, which is why it is important to speak to the team at DCUK in order to find the ideal security system for your situation. This way you get something that is tailored to you and your property.

CCTV Systems have progressed and have been refined a lot since the days of the bulky hooded camera we all think of when you think of CCTV. They have become a user friendly, easy to configure and maintain tool that everyone can utilise to protect their property.

If you are trying to find security camera systems in Welling then visit our webpage or call our expert team on: 0208 298 1111


CCTV Systems Explained

CCTV Systems Explained by DCUK Kent

With so many CCTV systems on the market offering wired CCTV, wireless CCTV and IP CCTV systems it can be confusing on which is the best system for your needs. DCUK Ltd, CCTV installers in Kent, explains each system and their pros and cons.

DCUK Ltd are based in Welling and install security and CCTV systems for the home, office, retail or industrial premises. We have 20 years experience in CCTV systems. For more information or to obtain a ‘no obligation quote, please telephone us on 020 8298 1111

CCTV Systems Explained – Wired CCTV

Before the advances in wireless CCTV, every system used wires to send and receive images from the CCTV system.

Wired CCTV, as the name suggests, uses high quality wires between the cameras and the monitor or recording equipment.

Benefits of wired CCTV include:

If the CCTV system is professionally installed the picture quality is usually exceptional. High quality cabling, such as Cat 5, allows the camera image to be seen or recorded without any interference.

The system is almost impossible to “jam” with frequency blockers.

Although, obviously, wired CCTV requires wiring to each camera, most camera systems have just one cable to each camera which carries the signal and power source. If you are utilising a power distribution box, up to 16 cameras can be connected to one power source. This also allows for cameras to be placed anywhere as they do not need to be near a power source.

Wired CCTV allows for a greater choice in cameras and functions such as pan, tilt and zoom cameras.

There are many different CCTV systems on the market for wired CCTV and so finding a suitable system for your needs is a simple exercise.

The ‘cons’ of wired CCTV are:

The system needs to be wired in – this may include long wire runs, overcoming obstacles in walls such as ‘stud timber’ or concrete blocks. Systems take a little longer to install.

CCTV Systems Explained – Wireless CCTV

Recent advancements in wireless CCTV means they are a real alternative, to wired CCTV, as a high quality CCTV system.

Wireless CCTV Installers KentWireless CCTV used to send images through analogue signals. These often produced low quality images and could fairly easily be blocked by ‘jamming’ equipment.

The latest technology, and the wireless CCTV systems DCUK Ltd install, use high-speed, highly-encrypted and secure data transfer to get images from the camera to the receiving unit.

Benefits of Wireless CCTV include:

Not having wires to or from the camera means that you can install your system virtually anywhere. Although some systems require the camera to be near a power source, DCUK Ltd, have cameras that operate from batteries meaning they are truly versatile in where they are placed.

The cameras send there images through wi-fi signal, but can also utilise 3G and 4G and even satellite signals to send data. This means they can be used anywhere and even the remotest site can be protected.

Being quick to install and versatile, wireless systems can be installed as a permanent CCTV solution or as a temporary, mobile or semi-permanent situations security measure.

The very latest technology utilising wireless IP camera CCTV systems ensure a high quality picture, with less chance of interference from microwave ovens, car alarms or baby monitors. IP camera systems also allow for a multitude of cameras on a single system without fear of interference.

Being cable free and transmitting over Wi-Fi means we can also set up the images to be shown ‘live’ on your TV, iPad or iPhone (or any other tablet or smart phone).

As they are easier to install, wireless CCTV systems are usually cheaper to supply and fit, making them an ideal choice for the home, small retail or office units.

The ‘cons’ of wireless CCTV systems include:

Although there have been great advancements in wireless CCTV systems in recent years and the picture quality is impressive, a wired system utilising Cat 5 wiring will have a better picture, but this is reflected in the cost of installing such wiring.

Installing a wireless camera may mean putting the camera near a power source, which may not be the best position for the angle or “shot” you wanted recorded. Battery powered wireless CCTV cameras overcome this issue.

Having a fast broadband that the system can connect to allows for greater quality of video or image capture.

CCTV Systems Explained – Summary

Regardless if it is a CCTV system for the home, shop or office, more and more people are choosing the convenience and affordability of wireless CCTV systems.

Easy to install and flexible in their use makes them a great choice for domestic and commercial premises. They are regularly used in office buildings, large industrial properties, shops, bars, hotels, restaurants and even domestic properties and homes. DCUL Ltd wireless CCTV systems offer reliable coverage for a very affordable price.

For more information on wired and wireless CCTV systems or to arrange a free, no obligation survey of your premises in Kent, London or the South East UK please telephone DCUK on 020 8298 1111