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Burglar Alarm Kent

Burglar Alarm Kent – Explained by DCUK Kent

With the current crime statistics rising due to unforeseen circumstances in the economic status, there has always been a demand for house security systems, but now there have been more than ever since the gradual but grounded rise in burglaries in the UK. A burglar alarm in Kent is a sound investment since it’s going to act both as a psychological element as well as an actual deterrent considering the effectiveness of an alarm. If you are looking for a burglar alarm/security system for your home or office then look no further than DCUK. Visit our website on Burglar Alarm Kent or call 020 8298 1111 for more information.

When looking for a burglar alarm in Kent, you may have seen a wireless burglar alarms. This is the most comprehensive system as it gives you many more benefits than a traditional system would give you, one being there are no long-term repercussions to the condition of your property as no wiring needs to go through walls etc, leaving your house a little tidier. A wireless alarm system can also be removed if need be by a technician and re-located in the event of a house move, saving you money as well as giving you a ready to go system you can put in your new house. A wireless system is also a lot easier to install, considering the lack of wiring. You don’t have to route cables through walls so installation is usually done in a day.

Burglar Alarm Kent

Across the UK, burglar alarms are growing in popularity with business owners as well as homeowners. These alarm systems are getting much more advanced with every year releasing new models that allow for a much lower price point for those that want an alarm in their home. Burglar alarms are much more advanced than they used to be, allowing domestic users a lot more options than they would have been given with older alarms.

DC UK has been employed to fit burglar alarms for businesses & homes for years, using every stage & progression of alarm technology as it comes and goes. The price point of burglar alarms has dropped dramatically whereas the level of security camera has gone up. Consumer grade alarms are miles ahead of what was used 10/20 years ago, allowing small business owners & homeowners alike to make use of this smart security tool. Now you will see many mod-cons like remote access, smart fobs and other features that make burglar alarms much smarter.

From protecting your stock room to making sure your home is safe, burglar alarms have thousands of uses that all boil down to needing increased security. Studies show that alarms are able to reduce crime as it shows that a property is protected. Alarms are a strong deterrent to criminals so it’s a useful tool to utilise, especially for commercial customers.

How Burglar Alarm Systems Works:

Most wireless burglar alarms are going to use a control panel. All the receiving units need links to transmit information & data to each other. Control panels are usually placed somewhere near the door as you’ll need to set the alarm when you leave the house. This also gives you easy access when you enter the property as well. There will be many countermeasures to make sure the system can’t be disabled with the snipping of a wire, and by the time a burglar has managed to disable the system, the authorities/police would have arrived by then.

The control panel will give you a few indicators depending on what system you opt for. Panels usually give you different zones of the house & which parts have tripped. Your alarm detects movement from the multiple sensors the technician will fit around the house, using magnetic sensors around the doors, as well as ancillary sensors, which is dependent on your system. This gives you a comprehensive coverage of your home as you can cover all methods of illicit entries into your home.

The best plan of action if you are thinking of installing an alarm is to consult an entity like DCUK LTD as they have the knowledge and experience to help you with your burglar alarm in Kent. Doing a DIY installation might save you money but you can’t be sure your system is 100% compliant and safe. With DCUK, you know you are getting a reliable product that you can depend on to keep your home, family and property safe and protected.

DC UK Alarm Installation Service:

If you are thinking of installing a home security system like a wireless alarm then DCUK can help you. Take a look at our website on DCUK – or call 020 8298 1111 for more information.

DCUK operate throughout London, Kent, Dartford, Medway, Maidstone and Bromley. DCUK are alarm specialists and have been providing homeowners as well as business owners affordable alarm solutions to protect their property.

The Future Of Burglar Alarms In Kent

Recent studies have shown that an average of 1500 burglaries happens on a daily basis. The justification of a burglar alarm in your home has never been stronger, especially when you look at the difference a burglar alarm can make. Less than 1% of break-ins occur in homes that utilise an effective burglar alarm system. You may think that a burglar alarm couldn’t possibly make such a difference however anecdotal evidence suggest otherwise. The days of old-style alarms that work from physical alarms ringing a bell are gone as burglar alarms of progressed leaps & bounds ahead.

Old burglar alarm designs are outdated, since there has been so many updates & refinements in technology over the years. It’s as if the manufacturers of burglar alarms are detached from the idea of progress & technology. The days of old alarms are gone, with new systems that were once out of the grasp of public sectors, now entering the market at very affordable price points.

Wireless Security Systems:

Luckily for us, there are systems that meet the demands of modern-day households as well as business properties since the needs & requirements have changed. Wireless systems have taken off since their introduction a few years ago since they’ve been a godsend for those that are looking to save time & money. Installation with wireless systems is much easier, with smart control panels that house the “brains” of the entire system.

Burglar Alarms:

Wireless burglar alarms are simple in their concept but complex in their build-up, with most burglar alarm systems being made up of control panels & motion sensors. Apart from the motion sensors, burglar alarms are comprised of well designed electrical circuits that link each component together giving you a comprehensive & foolproof system.

It’s important to note that wireless burglar alarms will not work in all types of buildings. With certain properties, their signal transmission are hindered by walls. This is dependent on the building in question, however, these set-ups are difficult in an apartment building. Wireless burglar alarms are quite dynamic but they aren’t the solve all. This means that you’ll have certain obstructions which means they’ll be better suited for domestic properties or even small offices and not large public buildings.

Wireless burglar alarms function differently in from their wired counterparts since the control panel, sensors & actual alarm communicate with each other through a transmitted radio signal rather than physical radio connections. Both types of alarms provide the same function however they are just achieved through different means.

The technology that is in wireless burglar alarms is now seen to be just as reliable as that of wired technology. Due to recent developments in the progression of wireless alarms, commercial level alarms are now available to the domestic market. It was commonplace when wireless alarms were first introduced, for there to be huge signal interruptions from other ancillary signals from baby monitors, wireless doorbells etc. as they would cause interference. Most leading manufacturers have ironed out these kinks and now offer systems that are bulletproof in their design & operation.

Concerns about the protection of your business

Are you concerned about the safety of your property or your business premises when you’re away? We’d be worried if the answer wasn’t no. The ever-growing numbers of burglary and general crime has proven to be an extra discomfort for homeowners in the UK. Statistics show that houses with burglar alarms are 4 times less likely to be burgled than those that do not have one. This is why more and more people are looking into security systems, to give them that peace of mind when they leave their home empty for a period of time. At DCUK we offer a professional burglar alarm systems so that you have the extra security when and where you need it the most.

So, what are the benefits of a burglar alarm? – Burglar Alarm Kent

In recent years the technology used in wireless alarm systems have developed remarkably, and are now just as reputable as the originally wired alarms. Due to the rise in technology, it is also now cheaper to purchase a wireless alarm than before, meaning you can still secure your home for a good price. Manufacturing of these alarms has also developed, meaning that the best brands of alarm can function alongside other wireless items in the house such as wireless doorbells or baby monitors.

If you’re currently using a wired system, there are so many benefits to upgrading to a wireless one. Wireless burglar alarms can save the overall costings of the process, as they’re easier to install. On average it will only take approximately 5 hours for the wireless alarms to be installed in your house, as you will not need extra wiring and cables as you do with the wired apparatus. Therefore it will take less time, cost less and be better in the long term for your home if you decide on a comprehensive wireless burglar alarm system.

Wireless Burglar Alarm Kent

All of our wireless systems are utilised from a control panel, as the receiving units need to be connected. Depending on which system you decide on, the control panels will work slightly differently, so that you can specialise the alarms controls to suit your home. The burglar alarms will also be installed in an accessible place to your home, such as by your front door. This means you will be able to correct the settings or turn it on if you’re leaving your home for a period of time, and so that you’re able to turn it off when you’re present. Our team also ensures that the correct procedures are carried out so that the alarm cannot be disabled by an intruder, and furthermore providing that extra security that your home needs.

The Home Office reports that over 84% of & trespassers & burglars are deterred by visible security systems from CCTV to burglar alarms which makes them essential when it comes to keeping your property whether business or domestic safe. Investing in a burglar alarm from DCUK means investing in your secure future as burglar alarms are a sure fire way of keeping your home safe. DCUK has been serving the Kent area for years, providing quality products & services to local home & business owners so that they can better protect themselves from criminals.

We take pride in the services we offer, providing our clients a wide range of reliable security solutions, from wireless CCTV systems with remote monitoring to state of the art burglar alarms.

Finding the best burglar alarm for your home:

Burglar alarms will most often have to comply with specific insurance requirements to make sure the system that is being installed is to specification. We can custom design an alarm to your requirements to make sure it complies with all the specifications of your insurance coverage. Our alarms can be integrated with other systems to make sure you are getting a comprehensive alarm system that offers unparalleled security.

From our years of experience, we can help you devise the most secure alarm system regardless of your property. We are able to tailor systems for all types of clients, from commercial properties to domestic homes. We can use wireless alarms systems that have a network of additional sensors and detectors to make sure your home is comprehensively protected from vandals, burglars and trespassers. These units are also linked to monitoring systems that are able to alert the authorities when they are triggered, meaning instantaneous response in the event of a criminal intrusion.

Having a reliable burglar alarm in your home is one way of gaining peace of mind when it comes to the security of your home. Effective as both a visual deterrent and a quick and reliable siren in the unlikely event that someone breaks in, our wireless alarms enable you to sleep soundly at night knowing that your property is as protected as it can possibly be.

Why Choose DC UK?

The team at DC UK deliver security system installation with confidence. They have decades of operational expertise with installing professional security systems. With a security system from DC UK, you’re getting the reassurance of a security solution that does what it says on the tin! From our CCTV systems to our burglar alarms, we’re offering professional systems to both domestic & commercial customers.

We’re a leading provider of security systems in Kent, implementing a wide range of systems across the area. With seamless integration into any property, our security systems are ideal for those who are looking for that extra level of protection.

We also offer expert servicing & maintenance so that if your system is ever down, we’re able to repair/resolve your issue! Security systems & burglar alarms in particular need to be running flawlessly, so if you experience any issues with these systems it can be quite concerning! A technician will be called out to your property so that they can resolve the issue you’re facing.

DC UK is a professional digital installation company based in Kent. We offer a professional yet friendly service that focuses on the needs of our customers. Whether you need security for domestic properties or commercial units, all can be provided for at competitive rates. We can complete both entire installations of new systems or maintenance/upgrade of your existing systems.

Your home or business is important to protect since it provides a huge level of financial security. Whether you’re paying for a home or business owner, having your property vandalised or burgled will end up costing you one way or another. Regardless, most people forgo the consideration of security systems in their property as most think it’s costly & impractical. Most security systems like alarms or cameras are much more affordable than a lot of people think.

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Arrange your FREE property survey and no obligation quotation today; call our expert wireless alarm and security experts on 0208 298 1111. We can provide a personalised no obligation quote for both new & existing systems. When it comes to protecting your property from potentially devastating crimes, you don’t want to take any chances.

Whether you need more information on basic security systems or you need help fitting out a warehouse with a burglar alarm system. Enquire with DCUK Ltd when you need professional consultation on security systems. The best call of action is to consult a company like DCUK, as we have the expertise and knowledge to provide you support in your burglar alarm installation in Kent, and the all-important purchase you need to make. Ensuring your burglar alarm is installed correctly and to a high standard is something we can provide with our experienced team of technicians, who will definitely be able to help you. If you’re looking for a brilliant burglar alarm service in Kent, look no further. DCUK operates throughout Kent, Kent and other surrounding areas and has been supplying consistent burglar alarm systems for hundreds of homes and businesses. With us, you’re guaranteed to be safer!

What’s Included:
  • Wireless Control Panel
  • 1x Wireless Alarm
  • Wireless Door Contact
  • 2nop Wireless PIR’s
  • Standard Installation

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Extras available:
  • Pet-Friendly PIR’s
  • Connection to a telephone line, so the alarm can call you if activated
  • Fire Sensors
  • Window Shock Sensors
  • Proximity Tags

Operating throughout Kent, the Home Counties, including Dartford, Gravesend, Medway, Maidstone, Bromley and Orpington, we specialise in the supply and installation of the highest quality wireless alarms, providing homeowners and commercial business owners with the tools they need to effectively and affordably protect their properties.

If you’re thinking of installing a wireless home security system, then we can help. Visit our page on – or call 020 8298 1111 for more information.

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