Top 7 Myths CCTV

7 Most Common CCTV Myths

7 Most Common CCTV Myths


For anyone who has never had a CCTV security system installed at their property, the only experience you may have had of CCTV is from seeing it in the movies. For this reason, many myths have developed over the years regarding CCTV. In this article, we go over a 7 of the most common CCTV myths, setting matters straight, once and for all.


CCTV Can Be Installed By Anyone

CCTV Installed Professionally


This myth may have some truth to it, but there are reasons why this is also not entirely true. Although anyone can technically install a CCTV security system, why would you want to trust just anybody to do so? People install CCTV at their property with the hopes of protecting their possessions, by allowing someone with no experience to carry out the installation, they may unwittingly set up the camera in a less than ideal location. Imagine the horror of looking through CCTV footage after a burglary, only to find that the camera had been set up too far away to identify the criminal, or even worse, with an obstruction blocking its view of any point of entry to your property.


To ensure that your surveillance camera is installed correctly, it is always better to hire an installer that has had years of experience installing and setting up CCTV systems in order to get the most out of your security system.


CCTV Is Only For The Wealthy


Subconsciously you may think that having a security system at your property is something that is saved only for the very wealthy, or for commercial properties. You would be forgiven for thinking this as many films tend to focus on elaborate security systems that are fitted at the most luxury properties imaginable.


But why would CCTV only be appropriate for the wealthy? If the main function of having surveillance installed at your property is to protect both your possessions as well as any individual at the property, then no matter how wealthy you are, the peace of mind that this ensures is priceless. Whether you are rich or not, there has got to be something that you would want to protect at your property, whether that is your family or any antiques or family heirlooms that cannot simply be bought again.


Furthermore, a CCTV system does not have to be incredibly expensive. Many companies can offer the installation of a high-quality surveillance system at very reasonable prices. If you are looking to protect your property from potential criminals then it is a great idea to talk to a CCTV installation company in your area to find out how much it would cost before dismissing it as being reserved for the wealthy.


CCTV Systems May Encourage Criminals

CCTV Installation Myths

This myth is simply not true although it is easy to see where this rumour has stemmed from. Many people believe that, rather than deterring criminals, if you have CCTV installed at your property then this will actually be seen as a challenge for a burglar. Logically, you could understand that anyone with a security system at their house must have something they wish to protect at their property, but you would also assume that most burglars do not want to end up in prison.


As soon as a burglar notices your CCTV system, your camera will have also identified them. So why would any criminal want to increase the chances of getting caught? when a CCTV system is paired with a burglar alarm this is even more likely to deter anyone from breaking into your house. A criminal would much rather walk away and choose a property that has not chosen to install a security system.


CCTV Can Be Beaten By Clever Intruders


This next myth is very similar to the previous one. Because films often like to over dramatise any situation, when you think of CCTV, you may be thinking of some sort of spy film where a secret agent may tamper with a camera to get past its line of sight, undetected. Although technically true, the idea that this would ever happen is definitely blown out of proportion by Hollywood.


Even if this was the case, you are still creating another barrier for any criminal looking to break into your property and any deterrent is better than having none.


My Neighbourhood Is Safe


Although crime rates definitely do differ from area to area, one common myth is that some neighbourhoods are simply impervious to criminal activity. This is false. You may think that your neighbourhood watch is top notch, and no one would think to enter your property. What is surprising is that, especially during the summer months, many streets that usually do not see crime may suddenly become a target for burglars.


This is because a criminal loves it when homeowners have their guard down, in the heat of the summer you may leave your windows open and spend a lot of time in your garden. A criminal can simply enter your property through the door you have just created and leave with your valuables in no time at all. Long gone are the times when valuables tended to be larger items, a criminal could simply walk into your property and take a phone left on charge, leaving you out of pocket.


The best way to prevent opportunists is to make sure that you protect your property. Having CCTV installed at your home is a massive red flag for a burglar if they are searching for homes with their guards down, they will most likely not choose a house with a security system installed.


Security Systems Are Difficult To Use

Monitoring CCTV on Smart Phone

For anyone that is not particularly tech-savvy, you may feel the need to install CCTV are your home but may feel that it may be too complicated to use. Nowadays CCTV footage is very simple to monitor, you can set up your security system to view any activity at home by logging into your computer, or through your TV. Better yet, with the constant improvement in mobile phone technology, you can now check up on your home wherever you are. This is extremely useful if you are on holiday and want reassurance that your belongings are safe, leaving you to relax while you are away.


A CCTV System Is All That I Need To Protect My Possessions


Although we can’t emphasise the benefits of having a high-quality CCTV system at your home, this will not magically make it impossible for criminals to target you. One way to improve your chances is to pair your CCTV system with a state of the art burglar alarm. Both of these home security options work very well together and are a huge deterrent for any opportunist thieves.


A burglar alarm not only causes the burglar to panic and flee the scene, but it also gives your neighbours the signal that something is wrong. If the police are called as soon as the burglary begins then there is a much greater chance that the criminal is caught. Once the thief has been caught, the footage from your surveillance camera is a great piece of evidence to make sure that the burglar serves their time for the crime they have committed.



Installation of Security Camera

And there we have it, 7 of the most common CCTV Myths that you may have heard. We hope this article has been eye-opening for anyone who has been considering installing CCTV at their home. We can’t completely avoid being the target of criminal activity, but the installation of a home surveillance system, along with a burglar alarm, is a great way to prepare for the worst. If you are looking to install a security system at your home then DCUK have years of experience, call us today to arrange a quote on 0208 298 1111

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