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DCUK – 6 Crimes Caught on CCTV

6 Crimes Caught on CCTV – Presented by DCUK At DCUK, we offer a wide range of CCTV services and installations for our clients in London and the surrounding areas.   For those of us that enjoy watching the occasional sci-fi film, the idea that criminals can often be apprehended, long after leaving the scene […]

CCTV Systems Kent

CCTV Systems Kent

CCTV Systems Kent – Why would we need a CCTV system? When we think about CCTV, we might think about high-security situations like a bank or public areas that need protecting. Have you ever thought about what you think is worth protecting, however? Business owners work hard every day to make something for ourselves so […]

Professional Burglar Alarm Kent

Burglar Alarm Kent

Burglar Alarm Kent – Explained by DCUK Kent With the current crime statistics rising due to unforeseen circumstances in the economic status, there has always been a demand for house security systems, but now there have been more than ever since the gradual but grounded rise in burglaries in the UK. A burglar alarm in […]

Affordable Burglar Alarm Kent

What are the benefits of a burglar alarm in your home or business?

What are the benefits of a burglar alarm in your home or business? – DC UK With crime rates rising in sub-urban areas, it’s of vital importance that care is taken in both commerical & residential properties. It’s a sad statistic to read but we have to realise that any property can be broken into. […]


CCTV Installation Kent

CCTV Installation Kent by DCUK Ltd Security for your home is always something that should be on your mind. Unfortunately, many areas in the UK have rising crime rates, especially in areas that aren’t always thought of as “rough” areas. Bad-doers usually head into less built-up areas and try to prey on unsuspecting homes, as […]

Security Camera Kent

Security Cameras Kent

Security Cameras Kent – Why A Business Owner Should Think About CCTV – Written by DCUK LTD This article written by DCUK helps you to choose a CCTV system for you to install on your property. There are thousands of types of CCTV systems available on the market, ranging from cheap security cameras for basic […]

CCTV Camera Kent

CCTV Camera Kent

CCTV Camera Kent – Written by DCUK Limited Understanding what type of CCTV you need can be a difficult and daunting task when you are unsure of what you need. There are thousands of options you could be choosing from so it’s an arduous task, to say the least. Trying to find a reliable CCTV […]

CCTV Installation Gravesend

Surveillance Camera Kent

Worried about protecting your business? DC UK Ltd in Kent Examines: If your someone who’s concerned about-about the security of your property & are looking to invest in a security system, surveillance cameras are for you. Surveillance cameras are ideal for domestic & commercial properties as they’ve been found to effectively dissuade criminals from breaking […]

Home Security Cameras Kent

Home Security Cameras Kent

Home Security Cameras Kent Regardless of who you are or where you live, you will always want to protect your property. From business owners to homeowners, you’ll always be thinking about different ways of protecting your home or business with various methods of safeguarding. For business owners, it’s a rational thing to worry about. It […]

CCTV Installation London

CCTV Cameras London

CCTV Cameras London Why A Company Owner Should Be Thinking About CCTV – Provided by DCUK LTD If you are a business owner, you are going to be considering better ways of protecting your property. Whether it be alarm systems or CCTV, you should definitely consider a formal method of fortifying your business property. CCTV […]